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Felix Dames Felix Dames is a composer and producer of electronic music in the genre of minimal Techno, Tech-House, Deep-House, Progressive-House and some Chill Out styles.
He sees himself more as a producer in general than a DJ that's why he is not hardly tied to just one musical style.

He started composing music in the early nineties. His musical style is influenced by that early trance and techno tunes but developed accordingly to new styles of the presence over all the years.

In 1996 he produced and released his first album "Vlix-Trax" completly on his own and sold it without any distribution channel by hand.

1997 Felix was asked by the well known directors Phillip Stennert and Jacob Ziemniki to produce the soundtrack of their Film "Dark" what he successfully did.

In 1999 he started a musically different project called Dienzephalon with Konstantinos Athanassadis (DJ Kosta XDB).
Dienzephalon was more influenced by a psychadelic style of music but mostly orientated to chill out and easy listening sound.

Dienzephalon signed a record contract in 2000 with Nova Tekk and started releasing on their sublabels Liquid Audio Soundz, Naja Records, Global Trance Network, Sub Terranean. Soon followed Dienzephalons first album "Debut" in 2001.
Some of Dienzephalons tracks were also released on Nova Tekks various artist compilations Pulse Vol.10 & 11, Tantrance Vol.11, Planet Goa Vol.4 and one track was licensed by Spirit Zone Recordings for their famous "Global Psychedelic Chill Out Vol.2" compilation.

2002 Nova Tekk went insolvency and was not able to release their second album. At that time Felix already has moved from Göttingen where he was born to Berlin to study digital film arts as his second career. Since then he worked as a motion graphics designer for different agencies and postproduction companies.

If you searched for Felix Dames the motion graphics artist please follow this link for further information.

Felix didn't stop making music but he focused more on motion graphics, compositing, 3D animation and postproduction.
He used his musical knowledge in all these years and was responsible for various TV-Commercial soundmixes and mastering.
In 2009 Felix produced and composed the music for the TV-Commercial campaign of Toptarif.
Because of his wide working field you could call him a native digital artist.

After a long break in his musical career of electronic music in 2013 he took five of his best tracks and released EP Neustart which quickly got recognised by electronic music lovers all over the world.

With the Album Horizontale Dimension released 28.02.2015 Felix was able to reach a broader audience and gained fairly well reputation. Even TV Companies like RTL2 picked up his unique sound and used it more then once for their inhouse production series "Berlin Tag & Nacht"

Felix musical jurney continues with his brand new album Primary Amplitude which has been released on the 18.11.2016 and is now available worldwide in all major online shops.

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