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Felix Dames Music | Release EP Hybrid Mind

Felix Dames Hybrid Mind Album Cover
Felix Dames - Hybrid Mind | Minimal Techno EP

Digital Download | Stream
Distribution: recordJet
Released: 03.05.2024

01. Hybrid (9:45)
02. Drift In May (14:42)
03. Prairie (9:17)
04. Without Compass (9:33)
05. Steady Flow (7:39)

Total Playtime: 50:56

Hybrid Mind is available worldwide. Get it and listen on:

Album Information

With "Hybrid Mind", Felix Dames once again manages to skillfully combine a broad spectrum of different productions on one EP.

The diversity of the individual tracks impressively reflects Felix's creativity and his hybrid mind, which refuses to be pigeonholed in terms of style. The EP thus reflects the current development of electronic music, in which almost all styles are allowed to merge with each other. Retro, hard and trance influences from the nineties come back to life and the music scene as a whole has hardly been more open and carefree than in recent times.

In "Hybrid" a classic club track with impressive drops, synth and filter build-ups combined with shaman-like sounds, Felix gives this track an unmistakable psychedelic touch without leaving the typical Berlin club sound.

With "Drift in May", a never-ending open air festival sound with an unconventional length (14:42 min.) which, despite everything, does not want to get boring in the slightest, but rather mercilessly takes the listener into his very own world of sound and takes him on a constantly developing multi-faceted journey, Felix combines trance, acid and psychedelic influences with an unexciting marching beat to create a special kind of total work of art.

"Prairie" dry crisp beat, magically broad and shimmering pads and the simple beauty of these synthetic sounds transport the listener to the fascinating expanse of a prairie. The endless horizon, the setting sun, the gentle wind and a little dust in the air - as if we were there ourselves, the listener is able to experience and feel these emotions in their own body and mind.

"Without Compass" on the road without a compass. Strayed, lost and stranded? Aimless and without a plan through the world? Where is this journey supposed to take us? A rather melancholic work which, however, carries a lot of hope in it and with its staccato-like sequencer sounds and pleasant hardness, encourages us to keep going so as not to lose the right path and hope. The way is the goal and happy is the one who is satisfied with what is already there!

Raw honest hardness, straightforward and constantly flowing, imperceptibly fading in pads and a sound spectrum of the early days. With an homage to the early revolutionary techno scene of the nineties and the emerging new generation, Felix intentionally breaks the style of this EP most clearly with "Steady Flow". Rather atypical in comparison to Felix's other productions, he once again proves his diversity and general love for all electronic music and surprises his listeners with classic hard techno beats.

Whether Felix's style will develop towards harder and faster gaits in the future will probably remain his secret for the time being... Stay tuned!

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