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New Release Ambient EP Zeitgeist Corona - Out Now!

Ambient EP | Felix Dames - Zeitgeist Corona
Distribution: recordJet
Release Date: 19.06.2020

Cover Felix Dames Zeitgeist Corona


My new Corona Ambient EP is developing quite nice and is nearly finished!

I have been very busy the last weeks working on these new tracks full of dark ambient tones and endless synth pads.
The style reminds me somehow about old Dienzephalon times around year 2000 and I'm having lots of fun recording crazy sounds and process them deeply into digital heaven.
It's totally different to my usual minimal techno productions but for a very long time I wanted to do such a pure ambient release.
It seems, now the time has come for that. Thanks to Corona!


Lockdown in Germany holds on...

So I decided to use my free time and produce some ambient tracks about the nasty Coronavirus.
I have a concept album in mind which will process all my thoughts and impressions about this pandemic and it's impact.
Let's see with what I will come up - Stay tuned!


Coronavirus Germany

Today german government imposes a ban on contact and a curfew because of the coronavirus.
All clubs, bars, theaters, cinemas... all what's fun is closed now in Berlin! Oh dear...
Stay safe and healthy at home and do something positive while lockdown remains!


New Release EP Indications Of Decay - Out Now!

Minimal Techno EP | Felix Dames - Indications Of Decay
Distribution: recordJet
Release Date: 27.09.2019

Cover Felix Dames Indications Of Decay


Next milestone achieved - over 100.000 Spotify streams so far!

Many thanks to all of you for your great support!


Check out my updated Minimal Techno | Tech House | Deep Harmonies Playlist

Incredible 23 hours of awesomeness selected with love and passion with tracks from my favorite artists and beautiful music that inspire me a lot. Well, it also includes some of my own tracks for you ;)
Have a listen - enjoy and follow if you like...

Playlist is updated regulary and available on Spotify and Deezer.

Spotify Playlist
(Complete tracks only with Spotify account)

Click here to open in Spotify
DEEZER Playlist
(Complete tracks only with DEEZER account)

Click here to open in Deezer


Website updated

I finally got time to update my website. It's now a lot cleaner and has a responsive design.
Should be much more fun now to browse on a mobile device. I hope you like it.


Primary Amplitude is now also available on YouTube Music

...if you prefer to listen on Google's new YouTube Music Web Player click here.


Spotify Wrapped 2017 - What an amazing year!

Spotify Wrapped 2017 Felix Dames


Thank you all for over 50.000 Spotify streams! Yeah :)

Best track so far is Aurora Granular...


EP Primary Amplitude available now!

Minimal Techno EP | Felix Dames - Primary Amplitude
Distribution: recordJet
Release Date: 18.11.2016

Cover Felix Dames Primary Amplitude


EP Primary Amplitude is coming out soon preorder already started!

Digital music distribution partner is now
Release date will be: 18.11.2016


Time... tic tac tic tac... a day should be 30 hours long...

A lot of things has been going on in the background and I has been busy working in a lot of different working areas.
I also needed to switch my distribution channel which took quite some time to figure out the best deal.
All this delayed the release of my new album but it's coming soon - be excited!


RTL2 Reality Soap "Berlin Tag und Nacht - Folge 998"

The editorial staff of RTL2 reality soap "Berlin Tag und Nacht" really seems to like my music! Now 4 of 5 tracks from my latest album "Horizontale Dimension" have been used in their in house productions. In episode 998 RTL2 used my track "Multiple Fusion".

Airtime RTL2: 24.08.2015 19:00 | 25.08.2015 12:50

Listen to the track on Spotify


RTL2 Reality Soap "Berlin Tag und Nacht - Folge 975"

German TV station RTL2 did it again! This time RTL2 used my track "Aurora Granular" in "Berlin Tag und Nacht - episode 975"

Airtime RTL2: 22.07.2015 19:00 | 23.07.2015 12:50

Listen to the track on Spotify


RTL2 Reality Soap "Berlin Tag und Nacht - Folge 954"

TV station RTL2 used two of my tracks from my latest album "Horizontale Dimension" in their reality soap "Berlin Tag und Nacht".
The two tracks used by RTL2 in episode 954 are "Freundlicher Imperator" and "Karneval Tristesse".

Airtime RTL2: 23.06.2015 19:00 | 24.06.2015 12:50

Listen to the tracks on Spotify


EP Horizontale Dimension available now!

Minimal Tech-House EP | Felix Dames - Horizontale Dimension
Release Date 28.02.2015

Cover Felix Dames Horizontale Dimension


I finally got time to work on some new tracks... new release is coming soon...


Thanks to all my supporters for the great success of the EP Neustart. My music have been played so far in more than 49 countries all over the globe! Greetings and love to all of you :)

Global Plays Felix Dames Neustart


EP Neustart now available!

Minimal Tech-House EP | Felix Dames - Neustart
Release Date 17.12.2013

Cover Felix Dames Neustart

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